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ASM @ Cambodia (Siem Reap) 2010 Sponsors

04 December 2010

The Asian Seniors Tour wish to thank main sponsors Beeline, the Khaou Chuly group and Tiger Beer (CBL) and from the numerous supporting sponsors, including the Siem Reap Lake Resort Golf Club, Royal Angkor Resort, Galavani, AES Group, RMA Group, Sterling Project Management, Dufry, FCC, Johnny Walker, Henry Butcher (Cambodia), SCA, Ashor (Cambodia), the Oral Group and U Design Printing for their kind and generous support.

The AST wish to extend their thanks to the Cambodian Ministries of Commerce, Tourism, and Sports for their support and endorsement, and to thank the participating Cambodian Ministers, members of the uniformed services, and leaders from Cambodia’s business community for kindly taking time from their busy daily schedules to support and participate in the inaugural ASM @ Cambodia event.

AST also wish to thank and acknowledge the considerable support received from Cambodia’s amateur golfers, the participating AST professionals who hail from all 4 corners of the globe including, Switzerland, Italy, France, Macau, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA, Malaysia, Holland, the Philippines, and Scotland, along with keen amateur golfers from around the Asian region, without whom the tournament would not have been the great success that it was.

ASM @ Cambodia (Siem Reap) 2010 - Comments & Quotes from Sponsors & Participants

2010 ASM @ Cambodia (Siem Reap) sponsors signage

For further information please contact: -

Asian Seniors Tour Pte Ltd
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #08-02,
Singapore 588177
Tel: +65 6469 9760 Fax: +65 6469 9412

or email

Chuan Campbell
Chairman of the Asian Seniors Tour or via
Singapore Mobile +65 9634 6497
Malaysia Mobile +60 17 2340 688

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