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M Ramayah is Champion at the
US$ 100k Asian Senior Masters
Pulai Springs Resort 2009

06 December 2009

Asian Seniors Tour – Media Office
6th December 2009

M Ramayah leads the way at the US$ 100,000 Asian Senior Masters @ Pulai Springs Resort presented by Oxley Capital Group staged from the 1st – 6th Dec 2009 in Johor

Ramayah Malaysia’s leading senior professional golfer and Vice Chairman of the Asian Seniors PGA Tour has once again proven to all the Asian Seniors Tour participants from around the world that he is currently in a class of his own. His experience and steady nerves displayed during the 1 hole sudden death play off on the 18th against Nopajak Mesom (Thailand) ensured his victory at the inaugural ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort presented by Oxley Capital Group.

Ramayah lead the 3 day ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort from the start carding an impressive 69 for the first day and then carding steady 72, 72 over the next 2 days to finish 3 under.

New comer Nopajak Mesom started with a shaky 74 then went on to recover shooting 69 on the second day to keep him on the leader board, and followed with a steady 72 to also finish 3 under forcing the play off.

During the play off both their accurate T shots down the picturesque dog leg 18th hole with a large hazard running all down the left side, landed within 20 feet of each other, well clear off the bunkers, and hazard on the right, leaving both with what should have been quite comfortable second shots to the highly elevated green, with Ramayah to play first.

Rather than risk the bunkers and attack the well protected pin, Ramayah played long right and safe, leaving himself a slightly downward lying chip to get on to the green. Nopajak Mesom was less cautious and boldly went for the pin, but alas caught one of the bunkers leaving himself 15 feet from the pin but with about a 15 foot incline and bunker face in the way!

Ramayah chipped to within 12 feet of the pin, and having gathered himself Nopajak Mesom played a great bunker shot to land inside of Ramayah leaving himself a chance to stay in the game, however Ramayah’s steady nerves and accuracy ensured his Par, and unfortunately for Nopajak Mesom his missed putt cost him the Championship.

This latest victory makes it Ramayah’s second ASM Championship title for the year having also recently won his first Championship title earlier this year at the annual ASM @ Malaysia presented by Oxley Capital Group staged at the Tasik Puteri GCC in July 2009, and as was the case during the ASM @ Malaysia in July similarly the field contesting the inaugural ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort could not hold up against Ramayah who lead from start to finish.

Ramayah’s latest Victory puts him on par with Stewart Ginn (Australia) who up till now has reigned supreme on the AST’s Order of Merit having won the ASM @ Malaysia in 2005 and 2006. For Ramayah after having placed second on more than 3 occasions and always featuring in the top 10 for the past 6 editions of the annual ASM @ Malaysia, in 2009 undisputed Victory is his!

2009 ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort – Professional Tournament Day 1 – 4th December 2009
Ramayah returned the tournament record 69 to lead after the first day with 3 under, (with a 2 stroke lead) followed in joint 2nd place with 1 under by Somsak Songserm (Thailand) and Bill Fung (Singapore)

David Hutchison (Australia) and Manas Saeng-Sui (Thailand) shooting at level par completed the top 5 on the first day’s leader board.

Shooting 73 and standing 1 over were Antolin Fernando (Philippines) Juanito Pagunsan (Philippines) and promising new comer playing in only his second ASM tournament, Kim Jung Nam (Korea) who was 2nd runner up at the ASM @ Malaysia last July 09.

Shooting 74 were, Arnulfo Kempis, Fabian Del Rosario, and Eduardo Bagtas the Chairman of the Asian Seniors PGA Tour all 3 from the (Philippines) along with David Ng (Singapore), Lai Wai Che (Hong Kong), Erwin Vonlanthen (Switzerland), Nopajak Mesom (Thailand) and Yoo Jae Surk (Korea)

Shooting 74 were Chen Tsang Te (Taiwan) Demetrio Saclot (Philippines) and John Clifford (Australia)

2009 ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort – Professional Tournament Day 2 – 5th December 2009
Ramayah (Malaysia) returned a steady 72 to retain the lead at 3 under, but leaving him with only a 1 stroke lead over Somsak Songserm who again returned a commendable 71 to take 2nd place outright at 2 under.

Nopajak Mesom equalled Ramayah’s tournament record score of 69 to recover and leave himself at only 1 and back in the back in the game to take 3rd place outright.

Chen Tsang Te (Taiwan) the 2007 ASM @ Malaysia Champion who recently placed 4th with 3 under during the 2009 ASM @ Malaysia staged last July returned 72 to recover to 3 over and stay on the leader board, along with Manas Saeng-Sui who took 4th place outright remaining at level par after Day 2.

Shooting 73 were Bill Fung, Juanito Pagunsan, Kim Jung Nam and Ralf McLean (Scotland) and returning 74 was Sutep Bunpimuck (Thailand) the 2008 ASM @ Malaysia Champion followed by Ron Hendrie (Australia) the Asian Seniors PGA Tour’s Secretary General and Fabian Del Rosario (Philippines) both returning 75

Mike Sinkinson (Australia) achieved a Hole in One on the 167 yard 13th Hole using a Calloway Prototype blade 6 iron and won for himself a Titoni men’s dress watch kindly sponsored by Mui Fa (Hong Kong) Ltd

2009 ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort – Professional Tournament Final Day – 6th December 2009

Nopajak Mesom (Thailand) shot a commendable 70, and the Final Days lowest score, which brought him into a tie for 1st place with the tournament’s 2 day leader Ramayah (Malaysia) who along with Arnulfo Kempis (Philippines) returned 72 for even par rounds on the Final Day.

Antolin Fernando (Philippines) and Chen Tsang Te (Taiwan) shot 73 were followed by Bill Fung (Singapore), David Ng (Singapore) and Juanito Pagunsan (Philippines) returned 74

Returning 75 were Manas Saeng-Sui (Thailand), Kim Jung Nam (Korea), Eduardo Bagtas (Philippines) Somsak Sri-Sa-Nga (Thailand) and John Clifford (Australia)
2009 ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort – Champion M Ramayah (Malaysia) 213
2nd Nopajak Mesom (Thailand) 213
3rd Bill Fung (Singapore) 218
4th Manas Saeng-Sui (Thailand) 219
Tied 5th Chen Tsang Te (Taiwan) 220
Juanito Pagunsan (Philippines) 220
7th Kim Jung Nam (Korea) 221
Tied 8th Antolin Fernando (Philippines) 222
Somsak Songserm (Thailand) 222

Leading Amateur Golfers from ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort Pro-Am 1 – 1st December 2009
Bong CC (Malaysia) with 74, Steven Bell (Malaysia) with 78, Salahuddin Salleh (Malaysia) with 80,
Wong Chen Kean (Singapore) with 83, Roslaini Idrus (Malaysia) with 84, Chua Min Hock (Singapore) with 85, Dr. Ruslin Amir (Malaysia) and Asrul Effendy (Malaysia) both with 86, and Mohd Azmi (Malaysia) and Zaini Hitam (Malaysia) both returning 88

Leading Amateur Golfers from ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort Pro-Am 2 – 2nd December 2009
Perry Lim (Indonesia) with 81, Ronald Philips (England) with 82, followed by A Ramachandran (Malaysia) and Chan Soo Keong (Malaysia) with 84, along with Steven Goh (Singapore), Yeap Chee Leong (Singapore) with 85, Chuan Campbell (Scotland) with 87, Peter Mulholland (USA) with 88, Nelson Kong (Singapore) with 89, and Ken Gilliam (Australia) with 90

Leading Amateur Golfers from ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort Pro-Am 3 – 3rd December 2009
Mike Jones (USA) with 77, Chris Ponniah (Malaysia) with 80, Ken Gillam (Australia) and Zainal Atan (Malaysia) with 81, Glen Clark (USA), John Cook (England), Tony Tan (Singapore) and Melvin Chen (Singapore) with 83, Peter Barker (England) with 84, and Keith O’Connor (Ireland) with 86

ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort Amateur Semi-Finalists from Day 1 – 4th December 2009
Shaun Liew (Malaysia) with 74, followed by Ali Sahar (Malaysia) with 76, Chris Yeo (Singapore) with 79, Cypren Dallery (France) with 80, and Bong Chok Chin (Malaysia) with 82

ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort Amateur Semi-Finalists from Day 2 – 5th December 2009
Mike Jones (USA) with 77, Chan Soo Keong (Malaysia) with 77, Yeap Chee Leong (Singapore) with 79, Zainal Atan (Malaysia) with 80 and Chris Ponniah (Malaysia) with 81

ASM @ Pulai Springs Resort Amateur Finals – 6th December 2009
Champion Chan Soo Keong (Malaysia) with 73
1st Runner Up Zainal Atan (Malaysia) with 75
2nd Runner Up Shaun Liew (Malaysia) with 77

On behalf of the Asian Seniors Tour I wish to extend a big thank you to all participants, both amateur and professional, and to the ASM @ Malaysia series main sponsor's including; Giant, Citi, F&N, 100PLUS, Dewars, GAB - Heineken, LMG, Norgas and Mountain Fresh the AST also wish to acknowledge the kind support received from the Malaysian Golf Association.

We look forward to seeing you at our Asian Senior Masters tournament in 2010, and should you and or your company wish to participate in and or become a sponsor of an ASM tournament please contact

Chuan Campbell – Chairman of the Asian Seniors Tour
Malaysia Mobile: (+60) – 17 2340 688
Singapore Mobile: (+65) - 9634 6497

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